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Our Story

The Who, What, When and Where

Our story comes in a bit of a round about way. In late 2020, Michael Peitz, a recent Environmental graduate, took a leap of faith into a niche market he recently fell in love with; Eyewear.

From his early teens, Michael wore prescription glasses, until July of 2020. When he underwent corrective laser eye surgery. This opened a whole new world, a love for sunglasses and a large respect for protecting eyes from harmful UV rays. 


With his new found passion, Mike set out on a hunt for eyewear that provided ample protection, was lightweight and fit in with his other hobbies, fishing, boating and sports. Although there were options that suited his needs, the price points were astronomical. At this point the idea of LakeSiders Eyewear was born. Through trial and error, a positive relationship was built with a manufacturer who accommodated both Michaels frame design, lens specification and material requirements.

In fall of 2021, Mike and his family decided it was time for a life change, a move. After looking at all options from South America, the Caribbean and East Coast Canada, they moved on property just outside Bridgetown Nova Scotia. Immediately feeling at home, LakeSiders began its East Coast chapter.


In spring of 2022, LakeSiders received numerous customer requests for the return of the Classics line. Hesitant to bring back this frame, LakeSiders came up with a new, improved version of the Classics frame, lighter, better lenses, and a few frame size improvements brought to life the Redesigned line. 

Meet The Team

Polycarbonate & Polymethylpentene (TPX)

What are they?


Polymethylpentene (TPX)

Polymethyl pentene (PMP), also known as TPX Poly; is a thermoplastic polyolefin. It is commonly used for gas-permeable packaging, autoclavable medical and laboratory equipment and cookware. It is commonly called TPX, which is a trademark of 

Mitsui Chemicals.

That's the technical description, but in layman's terms; TPX material is lighter and less dense than polycarbonate which is why we had our TopSiders made using it. That's what allows our sunglasses to float. 


Polycarbonate Lenses

Polycarbonate lenses are made of a strong yet lightweight polymer that was designed to be thin, lightweight, able to withstand impact, and in some cases even correct vision. Polycarbonate lenses are made to provide UVA and UVB protection with no additional film required. All of our sunglasses at LakeSiders are equipped with polycarbonate lenses.

Polycarbonate Frames

Polycarbonate frames are stronger and lighter than other types of plastic typically used in the manufacturing of sunglasses. In most cases, polycarbonate frames are virtually unbreakable, able to withstand impact, and weigh less than the other materials typically used in the industry.

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